We now offer a range of BuckBootz products in our store!

There are boots which are suitable for a range of sectors, from Agricultural to Industrial, or even just for general use. The vast majority of stock available are Guaranteed Waterproof and offer multiple safety features, at exceptional value! Visit our store or call for more information on 01656 664155.

Würth Liquid Green

We now offer a range of multi purpose cleaning products, alongside an extensive range of other Würth items in store.

Liquid Green is a powerful multi-purpose cleaner with great grease and resin dissolving capacity. It provides an extraordinary cleaning performance due to innovative combination of active agents:
  • Grease, resin and other soiling are thoroughly and reliably removed
  • Long lasting
  • Saves time

Suitable for multi-purpose use:

  • One product for a wide range of applications
  • Saves on space in the workshop and saves money

Gentle on materials. Does not attack paint, chrome, plastic, rubber or metal surfaces.

Contains no phosphates or organic solvents:

  • Potential dangers are reduced with daily use
  • Reduces environmental pollution
  • Complies with local wastewater statutes
  • Non-hazardous in accordance with the German Hazardous Material Ordinance
  • Easy to use

Biodegradable in accordance with OECD302 B. Silicone and AOX-free.

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